Thursday, July 10, 2008

Funny Story. Worth Reading. I think.

This past Tuesday night I decided that I wanted to go see a late movie. So I texted Bo and Grant to see if they wanted to come, they said yes, so, sense neither of them drive, I had to pick them up at casa de la fields. Bo walked out of the door with a bunch of guitar gear so I got of the car to open the trunk for him. And we were off to our 1055 showing of Wall-e.

On the way to theater, we heard a very strange noise coming from the outside of the car, about 10 decibels less than a gunshot. Bo was in the back seat and was very frightened. We thought nothing of it and continued in route to Foothill Regal 22.

Once we parked and got out of the car I did my usual pocket check for wallet, keys and cell phone......UH no cell phone.... Its probably still in the car. As I was unlocking my car, it dawned on me that I had set my phone on the roof of my car so that I could help Jason with his stuff. UH OH! I told the guys that the loud noise we heard was my phone taking a dive off of the roof, onto the trunk and then the road.

We we getting back in the car to go retrieve my phone when Grant suggested we call it first, maybe its under the seat, we hoped. 5 seconds passed and I hear the vibration, but I can't figure out where it is coming from, after a few floor checks, I moved to the outside of the car where the vibration was much louder. As the vibrations pulled me closer and closer, I saw my cell phone resting like a sleeping baby on my back window, right where it meets the trunk.

We all freaked out and did the usual "no way's" and the "how is that even possibles". My phone holds the record for longest car stall in history, 2.6 miles.

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