Tuesday, April 14, 2009

People really do this?

I've only been on the Master Cleanse for 10 hours and I am DONE!

This morning was horrible. I drank the Salt Solution in hopes to have a huge poo, but it didn't even work. I barely got that stuff down. YUK! The drink wasn't any better, especially with the Cayenne pepper.

Thank you all for holding me accountable. :)

My first meal is the 1/2 greek salad with a cup of black bean soup from Panera. Hey its better than the chicken salad sandwhich Riley suggested.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My journey with 'The Master Cleanse'

It is 10:59 PM on Monday, the 13th of April.

Tomorrow morning, I will start what I hope to be day 1 of 10 of the master cleanse. My lemon/maple syrup/Cayenne pepper concoction is in the fridge ready to be consumed. I drank my herbal 'smooth move' tea tonight. Tomorrow morning will start with a cup of sea salt water. supposedly its the hardest part of the diet, we'll see. Then the day continues with 6-9 glasses of the lemonade (see ingredients above). Each day is ended with a cup of smooth move (that is the the best name ever!)

I don't know what this will be like, but I thought I would include everyone else for a little accountability.

Get ready for some extreme lamenting. Do me a favor, dont ask me to lunch this week.


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