Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stearnzie Thirty Day 30!!!!

For the last thirty days, I have ran at least 1 mile a day without ever missing one run. My furthest distance was 5.24 miles..... I can't believe it!

I could have done a 6 mile run today, but instead, I ran 2 miles and then walked the rest of the way. I prayed and thanked God for the strength and grace that He sent for me in Christ. It was a very emotional morning.

There were some defeating moments in my past that were working against me in this challenge. I could hear my soccer coaches telling me I wasn't good enough. I could hear the kids on the playground telling me that I would never finish this challenge. I heard my PE coaches in high school harping on me because I could never run a mile. I heard thoughts of defeat that told me I would never be "fit" and that I should just give up now.

But if God is for me, who can be against me?

Although the thoughts of my past followed hard after me, your support in this challenge helped me overcome those defeating memories. Running into random people around town and having them cheer me on my running was SO encouraging. Reading your comments on facebook, twitter and blog helped encourage me on days I wasn't "feeling" it.

If you are reading this blog right now, know that this type of challenge is possible for you too. Maybe it isn't running, but whatever it is, I'm here to say YOU CAN DO IT!

In closing I would like to leave you with this;

30 days ago I felt lazy, discouraged, and consumed with self loathing.

Today I feel confident, motivated, energized, and loved.

HALF MARATHON HERE I COME- but first, rest tomorrow! :)


Lisa Marie said...

Wow...God showed you so much in these 30 days through your challenge. I am so stoked for you. You are really an encouragement to so many people! Reading your blog has motivated me to keep going with my fitness're great!!!

Riley said...

Freaking amazing, John. So proud of you. Hello skinny jeans!

scottawade said...

congrats man!! it's been encouraging to watch!

carrie said...

Yes! Good for you and what a awesome accomplishment. Seriously... Half marathon is nothing now!

Troy Grover Photography said...

Congrats jon!~!

Suefalla said...

This is so great!! Congratulations!!!

Keith Everette Smith said...

You're my inspiration John. I ran yesterday even though I didn't want to!

More running for me today too.

Saw you a few days ago... you look great bud!

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